Larnach Castle


Visit Larnach Castle, New Zealand's Castle and explore the beautiful Castle and Gardens.

Built from 1871 by William Larnach, merchant baron and politician, for his beloved first wife Eliza. Larnach spared no expense on his dream home.

In 1967 Margaret and Barry Barker purchased the Castle, the family have spent the last 47 years lovingly restoring the Castle.

Hear the interesting and something scandalous stories of the past, view the dramatic harbour views from the top of the tower, and see the magnificent craftsmanship of the colonial area.

The Castle is set in a "Garden of International Significance" rates by NZGT. Explore the enchanted garden, use the garden map or the native plant trail map to enhance your visit. Children love to come across the features relating to the 'Alice in Wonderland' story.

The Barker family open their home daily to the public at 9am; the last entry at 5pm. 


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